Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 267.... An afternoon at the Capital

This afternoon we headed to the State Capital in Atlanta for our day of fun!! 
Our inspiration for this field trip came from Makenna getting to work as a page yesterday for State Rep Josh Clark. Here she is before her paging session began. She is on the House floor. She looks good as a leader don't you think?? 
  When Makenna was little she wanted to be President of the U.S. She wanted to be in charge and told me that when she got to the White House she would be painting it purple.. :) I think it is funny that her first PAID job ( $10) was at the State Capital in Atlanta. Maybe she will end up as a politician one day!! 
John took this shot of the House floor in session. 
The Capital is open M-F 8am-5pm except on legal holidays. Today Carson was out of school early so we took advantage and headed there for the afternoon. 
The Greeneteam on the steps inside the Capital. It really is a beautiful building. 
Outside the Governors office. Who knew you could go inside?? We would have never dared. The kind lady at the information desk told us to go on in.  
Once inside you could sign your name as a visitor for the day. The kids loved this part.
A nice local Senator introduced himself. He even played a quick money game with the kids. Guess who pocketed the quarter and took it home?? Ms. Maddie. Yes I think he let her win. :)
Having fun at the capital. Daddy stopped one of the lobbyist and had him explain what his job is. It was neat to be there on a day when the house was in session. Lots of hustle and bustle. 
This is one of the coolest display cases at the museum. A two headed calf and snake are inside. 
Guess what they give away in the Governors office?? Georgia Peanuts. Here Carson is in the museum part of the capital. He is by the Industry section where they talk about the peanut industry going from a 7 million dollar business to a 70 million dollar business. Lots of fun and interesting information is included in the museum section. 
We had lots of fun visiting the State Capital. This is a great free field trip if you are looking for something fun and educational to do with your kids. 

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