Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 241... Kickball

The weather was gorgeous today here in Georgia. We decided to take advantage and get outside for a bit. Makenna chose playing kickball. We had lots of fun even if the teams were not fair. John was like a ringer for Carson and Maddies team. He practically kicked the ball over the fence every time. Oh well!! Fun even if my team lost!! 

Kenna scored the 1st run for TEAM MARIO.

Maddie on 3rd giving us the business that she was heading home!!

Lucky loves when his family comes out to play. He always wants to play too. 

The winners for TEAM CJM!! 

Team Mario pretending to take the news really hard!!  In our defense we did pretty darn good!! John and his soccer skills can go jump in the lake. Just kidding honey. 

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