Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 249.... Secret Valentines

Today I made Valentine Hearts with each of our names on them. I folded them up stuck them in my pocket and told the kids it was time to go do the fun of the day.

When we arrived in the Dollar Tree parking lot I explained to the kids that we were going to do secret Valentines. I mixed up the hearts and passed them out. Everyone then got $2 to go shop for their Valentine including Daddy and I. Each person was able to pick out two things to give their secret person. Over the next 4 days they will be able to give out the presents, do something kind, make a note etc etc.

Maddie was one of the 1st shoppers done!!

I have a gift bag/craft station set up so that they can secretly make notes, wrap their gifts etc. I don't really expect to make it through the whole weekend with the kids keeping their Valentine a secret. We'll see how we do??  The reveal is Tuesday night at our Valentines Dinner. Should be a fun weekend of LOVE!! 

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