Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 269.... Painting Coffee Filters.

Tonight we painted coffee filters with water colors for a Spring art project we are going to be working on. I am ready to get rid of the winter decorations and welcome the warmer weather. 
Maddie the artist.
We want our art to be bright. We dried them after a coat and then kept repainting. Most took 3 coats of paint. 
Makenna still working on her art. Carson decided to entertain us while we finished. 
Maddie and Daddy putting on the final touches. 

We love painting together as a family. These have been some of our best family nights. Just relaxing and having fun!!  We will be using these dried coffee filters for another art project tomorrow or in the next few days.  Lots of fun!! 


  1. This is such a fun low cost project. We made ours into flowers, but maybe that's what have in mind :)

  2. Exactly Aimee.. going to do flowers on a glass window with the other parts painted in. :) It was an idea I saw on Pinterest. I hated to rush everyone tonight to hurry as we were having too much fun. Would rather make it a 2nd day and let everyone enjoy themselves. Thanks for posting. :)

  3. We did a bunch of these in Kat's Kindergarten class last year. Super easy and always pretty when they're finished. Looks like fun for everyone!

    Had to laugh that you're looking forward to warmer weather. Am I really the only person who prays for cold days and clouds???? :-)