Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 275... Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Tonight for fun we went on a photo scavenger hunt. I gave the kids a list with about 30 items to find. Their goal was to get a picture of each one of them. We took turns with the camera so that everyone got to take pictures.  The kids loved this idea and want to know when we can do another one. They want to go to the city instead of just our neighborhood. A fun activity and totally free!! 
St. Patricks Day Decoration
Spring Flowers
A Tree in bloom!!
A decorative flag!
 A stop sign
Speed limit sign!
 A bird bath
Jack found this cute furry friend. 
A stream!
Find a biker. Just so happened he was one of Carson's friends. 
A pretty mailbox

Here is a list for your next neighborhood photo scavenger hunt: trash can, bird, butterfly, bush, tree, cat, dog, stop sign, U.S. Flag, bicycle, flower, weed, leaf, car, bus, van, bird bath, giant rock, fence, Spring Flag, Spring Decoration, jogger, walker, motorcycle rider, truck, skate boarder, mail box, man hole, fire hydrant, speed limit sign, stream, swing, trampoline, bridge, ducks, grill, stacked wood, real estate sign, dandelions, newspaper, pine cones. 

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