Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 282.... PDK Airport

We went to PDK Regional Airport in Doraville for fun tonight. We have been here once or twice before a few years back.  The kids absolutely loved watching all the planes take off. I think we must have arrived at rush hour 5:30 because, there were tons of planes flying out. Even two big corporate jets. So fun to watch!! 
We took a picnic dinner. There is also a restaurant called Downwind Cafe that you can eat at. 
Daddy taught us all how to make paper airplanes. 
We then had a flying competition!! Carson won for the kids and Dad beat my plane out!! Darn him anyway!! 
Maddie running and flying her plane!! Behind her is a great kids playground and pavilion for picnicking. There are other picnic tables and a small stand to sit at and watch the planes take off!!
There is a great tree, perfect for climbing. 

Fun with my girls!!

If you are looking for a great picnic spot that offers more than just a play ground PDK is the place. A fun adventure!! My kids loved it!! 

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