Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 295 ... Peep Smores

Tonight was an epic FAIL on fun. 

We started the evening heading to Skyzone to jump on the trampolines with the kids. On the way we were in an accident. To make matters worse it was with each other. I had driven one car, and John the other and he ended up hitting me. Crazy but  true. Thankfully we are all fine!! It was very scary and the kids were shook up but in the end we were happy to have all walked away in one piece!!

We headed home all in one car as the other was towed away. We decided to make a fun Easter treat that I had seen on Pinterest (Peep Smores)
 This had to be fun right??? 

We had fun crunching the graham crackers!@!
It sure did look cute in the jar!!
A cute jar snack to give away as a hostess treat at Easter. 
Dump it all into a bowl. Chop up the bunnies and then add  melted butter and vanilla. Press the mixture into a pan and bake.
Hmmm is this really going to be a yummy Easter Smores Bar, or will it be just a crumbly mess?? 
The result: A crumbly sweet mess. I hated to waste it so we took a small scoop and put it over some vanilla ice cream. 
A new Ben and Jerry's flavor it was not.. OH well. You win some, you lose some. Today was definitely a LOSE for the Greeneteam!!

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