Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 294... Dot to Dot Coloring fun

I found an undersea dot to dot book while I was cleaning out our curriculum. When I looked through it I thought "maybe this could be a day of fun?" I showed it to the kids last night and they wanted to do it today.  They loved that on some of the puzzles you had to connect upwards of 300 dots. Almost an extreme dot to dot. 
Jack told a neighbor friend what we were doing for fun today and he wanted to come too. 
Jack working on his blue whale. 
Maddie loved it and worked on a second one!!
The boys with their masterpieces. Ryan liked the dot to dot's so much that he asked me to copy two other ones for him to take home. Who knew they would all like it??
The finished product.  Mine is the giant red crab.  (Yes I was feeling a little crabby when I picked it)

Love the book Under the Sea Dot to Dot's by Evan and Lael Kimble. Each animal has a page of facts and then a dot to dot page to color. The price on the back was $5.95. This was fun and educational. Now to see if they sell any others in different themes. 

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