Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 297.... One on One dates

Today for fun we took the kids on individual dates. They love doing this and we very rarely do it. I generally try to save up gift cards or rewards so that taking the four of them out is affordable. The kids really don't care where we go and are usually happy just spending time with John and I. 
I love spending one on one time with them. They are really great kids!!
John and Kenna off on their morning date. 
She was thrilled to get to go to the library. For her a new set of books to read is Heaven!!
Jack and I were off next. He was dying to know where I was taking him. 
Surprise!! I took him to see The Hunger Games. Thanks Aunt Dee for the gift card. He loved it!!
Daddy and Maddie were the next couple to go out. Maddie was happy to be heading to Pizza Hut!!
YUM.. Pineapple Pizza!!
All of the kids were treated to Menchies. Thanks Jennifer P. for the gift cards!! The kids LOVED it!!
Carson and I were the last date of the night. 
I think his favorite part of the date was starting the engine for the new rental car. He loves engines, keys, motors etc. I let him keep the keys, lock and unlock doors, and even start the car. 
I took him to Chilis for a kids meal and then to Home Depot to see the riding mowers. He was psyched to find this cub cadet!!

One on one time with each of them is so great. I hope that we can do more of it soon. 
Love my team!!

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