Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 290.... HUNGER GAMES PARTY at Little Shop of Stories!!!

Tonight John and I took the kids to a Hunger Games party at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur.
We have had Little Shop of Stories on our places to visit list for almost a year. I am so glad we went tonight. Talk about a fun bookstore!! They out did themselves on throwing this fun party!!

I have wanted to visit this store for the past year.  I had read that it was very special.  In my mind I wanted it to be the bookstore in You've got Mail.   I wanted to walk in and see Kathleen Kelly reading to children sitting in a corner with a princess hat on her head. I wanted to see Joe Fox at the register. Silly I know!! What can I say?? I am a romantic. 

  While Joe Fox, and Kathleen Kelly were not there, we did meet an Effie Trinket, stylists from the capital, and an amazingly friendly staff that were patient, friendly, and fun.  They were doing exactly what Kathleen Kelly and her staff did in the movie You've got mail.  They were bringing stories to life for children. How fabulous is that?? 

To say that we had fun tonight would be an understatement. The kids loved dressing up, loved pretending, and loved Little shop of Stories.  If you are looking for the type of bookstore that you would find in movies like You've Got Mail,  then make sure to visit this one. 
We will definitely be going back. 

To Little Shop of Stories:  We hope that the odds will be forever in your favor!  
Thanks for a great time!! 

Little Shop of Stories 
133 E. Court Square Suite A
Decatur, Ga 

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