Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 278... Hand print crafts!!

Tonight for fun we made hand print crafts. I know that my kids are getting to old to do this however, they are still not teenagers so I thought we would go for it. There are soooooo many cute ideas out there for hand print and foot print crafts. I have a folder on Pinterest just for them. I know crazy!! 
Step 1: Choose a design and get the hand print on paper..
The kids love the hand painting part. It tickles!!!  We always use a hair dryer so you can move to the next step quickly. We hate waiting!! 
Makenna putting the ears on her monkey!! The great part about having older kids is they can do the whole design themselves. 
Jack blow drying his moose!!
                   Daddy worked with Maddie to make this crab!!

There are so many great hand print and foot print crafts to choose from.  Tonight we ended up with a monkey, moose, turtle, and crab. FUN!! We also made some hand prints for Easter. I will post the final Easter creations when we put up our Easter decorations in the next day or two. 

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