Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 293... Randys Perrenials and Water Gardens

Today we headed to a beautiful nursery called Randys Perrenials and Water Gardens. The team and I would love to start a garden in the next month and thought we might be able to get some ideas. 
The first stop The Butterfly house. There were lots of beautiful butterflies. They do not charge to go in here but there is a donation jar. 
The girls and I LOVE this bench!!
The kids were amazed at the gazebos, plants, and even a little putt putt course. They thought it was really neat that it was all for sale and that you could have some one come help you design a fabulous back yard. 
There were lots of fish to observe!!
The kids loved reading all the tags and seeing how much sun the plants need each day.  We also had a little lesson on perennials verses annuals. 
The boys loved this and thought it and the gardens were right out of the Percy Jackson movie!!
One of the many beautiful water gardens!!

This was a great place to visit on a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Georgia. 

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