Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 279.... Fishing

We took the kids to the lake in our neighborhood to go fishing today. 
John and the gang getting bait from the backyard before we left!!
Carson was the first to get his line in the water, and the first to catch a fish. He couldn't believe that a fish was really on the end of his rod!!
Carson and his bluegill. 
Maddie waiting patiently. This was her first time ever going fishing!!
Kenna and daddy!!
Looks like a big one is on the line!!
Big daddy's large mouth bass. Nice catch baby!!
Jack hoping to get one!
Maddie decided to use the rod Carson and dad had caught their fish on because she thought it was lucky. Sure enough in a few minutes she had one!!
She caught a small Large mouth Bass. Way to go Maddie!!
Still waiting to catch a fish. Sadly we ran out of bait so Kenna and Jack were out of luck for the day. This was lots of fun and something we will definitely be doing more of now that they are older. I have lots of wonderful memories of fishing as a kid and I want my kids to have that too!! 

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