Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 286... Water War with the Greeneteam!!

We owe tonight's fun idea to the show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. A few months ago we saw an episode of Jimmy and Hugh Jackman playing WATER WAR We both loved it and said that is the way to teach the kid to play WAR!!  We picked names out of the hat to see what water war partner each of us would have. 
Round 1: Opponents Makenna and Maddie
Their first WAR!! 
It ended up being a great round with a double war!! Crazy and so fun. Makenna won and got to dump both pitchers of water on Maddie!!
The next one went to Maddie!! "Take that Makenna!"
Round 2: Opponents Mom and Carson
I think he is having a little too much fun tossing the water at me!!
Take that buddy!! Yes it felt great to throw one back at him!
Sadly the next two were at me!!
FUN but COLD!!
Round 3: Opponents Jack and John
 John got the first couple of rounds and then Jack got this good one!!
Victory went to big Daddy!!
The finale ended up being Carson and I after a fun round  robin tournament. Carson was the victor and LOVED dousing me with some seriously cold water!!

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