Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 298... Italian night

I worked in Italian restaurants for twenty years. One of the first things I learned how to make besides pizza was cheese sticks. I thought tonight for fun I would teach the Greeneteam how to make them. They were excited because they all LOVE cheese sticks.  
We took the easy way out and bought string cheese. You can also use a block of mozzarella cut into pieces. We cut our 12 sticks in half. 
Next we set up the breading station. In one bowl we have egg wash, and in the other we have Italian bread crumbs spiced up with extra Italian seasonings, parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper. 
The secret to making them quickly is to keep one hand with the wet ingredients and the other hand with the dry. If you start mixing them together you have a mess. All of the kids except for Makenna got FIRED on their first attempt. They just could not keep it straight. It was pretty comical. 
Place them on wax paper in a container that will fit in your freezer. Also make sure to separate them. You do not want them to freeze together. 
Place them in your freezer for an hour. Then take them out and redo the steps again. This time the other 3 got it right and Makenna got fired!!  Put them back in freezer until frozen. We fried them in oil for a few minutes. (3-4?? turning them over and over) You have to just watch them carefully for browning and of course exploding.. 
YUM.. the kids thought they were fabulous!!  The kids were amazed that they were real cheese sticks just like the kind you get in restaurants. Yes team it pays to know how to cook. We made 24 sticks for under $5 as opposed to a restaurant order of 6 sticks that would cost us $6-$8. 
Carson my food critic giving them two thumbs up!! " I could eat these everyday mom."
I also taught them how to make this easy crock pot dish called pizza pasta!! 

Friday night Italian fun might just be a regular monthly rotation on the dinner menu. The kids loved it, and I loved showing them how to cook things I learned from my restaurant days. 

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