Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 280.... Decorating for Easter

I love holidays.. I especially love decorating for them and the traditional things that come along with the big day. Easter is just around the corner. I thought we had better get decorating.  I love Easter, I love Spring, I love knowing that warm weather is here to stay for a long, long while. Tonight for fun we decorated!! 
These are Easter photos from the last 10 years. I love to look at them and see the kids with the Easter Bunny. I love seeing how much they have grown and change. It makes me smile just to see them on the shelf.  The kids are amazed every year when I pull them out. They can't believe how much different they look. 
My men heading out to find the annual Easter Egg Tree!! When I was a kid this is something my mom did with us and I have continued the tradition. I hope one day my kids will too. 
Maddie was so excited to be pulling out all the Easter goodies. 
Kenna placed all the rabbits in my buckets!! 
Kitchen before!! 
Kitchen after!! We don't do anything fancy just fun and spring like!! I use the same things every year just in different spots.. Total cost for transformation.. ZERO dollars!! 
My entry before!! 
My entry after!! 

We made these bunny prints on Saturday when we did the hand print crafts.. So cute.. I just love them!! Ideally I would love to frame all the little rabbits but right now the budget won't allow so I just matted them with some light blue construction paper. 

Do you have any favorite Easter traditions or decorations?? I would love to hear about them. 

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