Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 220... YAHTZEE

Ready to play one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FAMILY GAMES.. YAHTZEE!! This special Super Mario Yahtzee came from my friend Tiffany who bought it for the team for Christmas. Thanks Tiffany!!

On the very first turn of the game I shot a YAHTZEE.. Let's just say I was super excited!!

My girl Kenna looks so pretty in a hat. She had sooooo many opportunities to get the Yahtzee yet they never came through for her. Way to keep trying Kenna.

Maddie was shocked when her opportunity for a YAHTZEE happened!! Love the look on her face!

Jack is a riot to play with. He is super dramatic and very competitive. Here he is afraid to open his eyes to see if he got what he needed.

On another play he pulls out the Large straight. Way to go buddy!!

On one of the last shots of the game Carson had to take a zero for Yahtzee. The very next play he got a Yahtzee.. Poor thing. You win some you lose some.

This game is great and we would highly recommend it. We started playing Jr. Yahtzee when the kids were very little 3 or so. Two years ago when Maddie was five we moved to Yahtzee. After 7 or 8 years it is still a family favorite. At under $10 this game is a winner!!

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