Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 217.. Making Bird Feeders for our Feathered friends!!

We made Bird Feeders for our feathered friends today. We used pine cones, toilet paper tubes, peanut butter, yarn and birdseed. Super easy and lots of fun.

We covered our pine cones and toilet paper rolls with peanut butter. (I have heard you can also use some sort of lard if you have an allergy to the peanut butter.)

I told everyone that it was a competition to see who could spread the peanut butter the nicest and smoothest. I was kidding!! John always wanting to WIN set up this concoction. FUNNY honey!! The other funny thing as soon as everyone thought it was a competition they tried harder.

Once they were covered with peanut butter we dropped them in a bag of birdseed and shook to cover.

The finished pine cones!!

Admiring her bird feeder!!

Jack climbed a tree to find the perfect spot for his.

Maddie thought this was one of the best crafts ever!!

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