Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 212... New Years Paper Chain

Every year on New Years Day we make a paper chain of items we would love to do. A bucket list so to speak. It is a New Year and anything is possible. I always tell the kids that the sky is the limit and let them put anything they want on it. This year since we were out of town we did it today.

On each paper chain loop we write an idea for 2012..Something we would like to happen. A tropical vacation, skating, new carpet, a new job. Anything you want can go on the chain.

We keep making them until we run out of ideas!! This year we had 125!!

Next we pull out the old list which is sealed each year in a trash bag and hidden away in the garage. We tear it apart and read all the bucket list items.

We count up the things we did. In 2011 we accomplished 37 items including a shoe shopping spree, getting an Ipad, seeing our new niece, visiting grandparents in Colorado, riding a plane alone, riding the Goliath, reading more, a new couch, and riding a 4 wheeler.

There were also 90 that did not happen.. New wood floors, a Tropical vacation, buying a Gibson guitar, visiting Boston, joining a swim team, winning the lottery, obedience school for the dog, a Cruise for me, new bikes for Kenna and Carson, and swimming in the ocean.

You win some and you lose some. I guess you just have to keep trying, hoping, believing, and dreaming!!

Here is to 2012 and 125 new ideas.

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