Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 234... Dog Biscuits for the Birthday Boy!!

Today was Lucky's 3rd Birthday. 

We celebrated by giving him a bath. 

Next we baked him up some home made Dog biscuits. 

Pretty sure we screwed up the recipe. Wrong yeast?? Too much flour, not enough chicken stock?? Ours were really fluffy. We made more of a stick shape as I was too cheap to buy a dog bone shape cookie cutter. 

Our finished product:  I won't say dog bones because .. they obviously aren't.  They did bake up hard and looked like dog treats/biscuits. 

You can't tell it from this picture but Lucky loved them. This was him doing a trick where he has to stay until I say Good boy.  He gobbled up two of them and was sniffing in the air for more. 
We made some people dog biscuits too.. AKA Johns chocolate chip cookies. 
 FUN for all of us!!

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