Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 238...... Family Fair Project

Every year our co/op group does a FAIR.. Science, book, state, presidents etc. This year they chose 


Projects can be about anything family related.. Maybe you have a famous relative, or are from somewhere really neat?? Maybe you have a deep dark hidden family secret that is just itching to get out etc. You get the picture.  Basically the sky is the limit as long as it is FAMILY related. You know how it is with home schoolers.. Too many rules are not a good thing. So the FAIR is very open to ideas. 

The Greeneteam voted, and decided they wanted to do the 365 blog as our FAMILY project. It is something that we do every day and have worked hard at for 238 days so why not right??
We printed up lots of pictures and typed up lots of the fun things we have done!!

Now for the really hard part.. Deciding what makes it and what gets cut?? The kids said it felt like American Idol. Some things got chose and sadly others did not. 
Each category was limited to a final 6 to make the project. Tough, Tough decisions when there are 237 days of fun!!
The boys putting their labels with their choices. Maddie still deciding!!
Under construction!!!
The final result!!
The BEST part about today's project was looking at all the photos and saying "remember that? That was tons of fun, or that was my favorite, or OOH I loved that day." Lots of memories have been made over the last 237 days.. Only 130 or so to go. We hope you will stay tuned to our family fun 365 project!! 

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