Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 210....Road trip Survival Kits!!

Two weeks ago my friend Andrea gave me a goody bag filled with treats for our Colorado road trip. I turned them into a Survival Kit from an idea I had seen on Pinterest. Little did I know how much we would need them today.

Our wake up call at the hotel started with Jack getting sick at 2:30am. We woke everyone up and got on the road. I ended up also being sick with a bad back spell. Three hours after getting into the car we pulled into another hotel for me to sleep. I have now gotten 5 hours of sleep, the kids have destroyed a mattress cover with spilled hot chocolate,and all are in a bit of a mood.

These survival kits are desperately needed and will hopefully be fun for the trip home!! Thanks Andrea for the goody bag and thank you Pinterest for the inspiration and idea to make them. They may save us on the road today!!

Out of desperation for good behavior I plan to use the trip clips from earlier in conjunction with these bags filled with 12 fun treats. The kids will get one of their treats an hour unless their clip is moved. If it is Daddy will get to eat the treat instead of them and it will be his choice as to which treat he eats. The kids are very excited about the bags and amazingly their behavior has suddenly improved. Let's hope it can stay that way until we make it home to Georgia. Here is to survival kits!!

Each gallon size bag is filled with snack size baggies filled with little treats. Gummi bears, nuts, dry cereal, gum, candy bars, sunflower seeds, licorice, peanuts, Bugles, Sour worms, skittles and M@M's. Thanks again Andrea!!

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