Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 216... Science Experiment

This weekend has been filled with catching up on school.Science experiments were on the list for today. The landslide experiment was something fun and educational. I think what made it the most fun was using Optimus Prime and the Lego house. They were both in the path of oncoming destruction.

The Mad Scientist and his minions ready to cause a landslide.

Home of Optimus Prime. Will they survive?

The deluge!

"The Primes are no more. Now no one can stop the fallen!"

Jack rescuing Optimus from the Mud soup.


  1. You're so brave to do that indoors. Brownie points for you. Kudos!!

  2. Liz: Funny thing I never considered doing it outside. My kitchen is always a disaster what is one more disastrous thing?? Right?? At the last minute John suggested we move the text book at the end and put the glass dish. Good thing we did or we would be buying a new Math book. LOL..