Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 213... A new Piano for Kenna and the family!!

Today for fun we got a NEW PIANO.. YAY.. New for us anyway!! Someone else's trash is anothers treasure right?? John found a smoking deal at the thrift store on this piano. $125!! I took Makenna over to see it and she instantly loved it. It was in tune and looked like it had been taken care of even though it is a much older piano.

I told her we could get it but it would be all of her Birthday money at the end of the month and no party. I don't think she even had to think about it for a minute. She is thrilled and so our the other 2 budding musicians in the family. Watch out musical world!!


  1. love this. if you ever need it tuned I know a guy who does it for CHEAP! Play on Makenna, I'm so happy for you.

  2. Awesome Amy.. I am sure we will need to get it tuned and looked at. I love deals and steals and this one was too good to pass up. Send me a message with your guys number/email/contact information. :)