Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 226....... Balderdash

Tonight we played Balderdash. This is an oldie but such a goody. I have great memories from the last 10 years playing this game with my family and cousins. Tonight we attempted it with the team. 

I love games that I pick up at Garage sales for $1. You get a chance to try them out without spending a lot of money. Balderdash is a GREAT one and I would probably pay retail for it. I knew when I found it, that it was a bargain. 
In this shot Maddie is being the DASHER. Truth be told my kids are still just a little to young for this game. The object is to convince everyone at the table that your definition is the right one. Sadly I think you need to be a little bit older to make the convincing argument. Kenna did a great job. Everyone else tried. My recommendation is for 11 and up!! A great family game  for older kids. 

Our family word of the night SWEAM: Real definition: A fainting spell. / Moms definition: To love something with all of your heart. Everyone at the table picked my definition: To love something with all of your heart. :)  I think everyone wants to love something with all of their heart and sweam seemed like the word to do it!! 

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