Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 214.. Menchies Madness

Our fun blog sponsor today is my good friend Jennifer Peloquin. She handed me Menchies coupons at a party and said "Here is a day of fun for the 365". Thanks Jennifer P.

I had never been to a Menchies before so had no idea what to expect. FUN, FUN, & Oh So YUM!! I see why all my Roswell friends rave about it!! The concept reminds me of my days in Aruba at Fat Tuesday's only this is with frozen yogurt and toppings instead of frozen drinks. Good concept any way you slice it!!

The kids were so excited to go, and were thrilled at the size of the cups when they went in. I should have known we were in for trouble. The Greeneteam let lose, in a yogurt shop, with giant cups, yogurt machines, and tons of sugary toppings!! Watch out!!

We only had one error and that was poor Maddie who thought the sign said caramel when in fact it said coffee. She was not happy with her choice. Luckily daddy helped her out and ate hers and gave her the delicious creation he had made for me.

The yogurt and toppings were delicious. The kids loved it and can't wait to go back. If I had to give Menchies a critique it would be to offer a small and a large cup size. It would be much easier to control my kids portion size/cost if the cup was smaller. Thank goodness we had coupons and it didn't matter this time, but in calculating the cost for each of them it could get pricey. It was a really fun family outing and a place I am sure we will go back to. Thanks again Jennifer P.

Look at the giant cups mom!!

And they're off!! Sorry for the madness Menchies!!

Do you see all these toppings mom??

Chocolate and Heath make a good combo right??

Peace out mama!

A small taste of Heaven.. Chocolate, hot fudge, and Reeses!! YUM!

Menchies a fun family outing~

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