Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 225..... 3 D hand prints

Tonight we did a cool 3 D art project from Pinterest. We traced our hands and then used markers to create the 3D effect. The directions: draw a straight line with markers until you get to the hand and then curve the line for the hand or finger portion. If you are not on the hand or finger portion it needs to be straight. It is a little easier said than done. 
This was my example for the kids/John. It turned out to be the best one of the night when it came to looking 3 dimensional. 

Maddie, Jack and Carson worked really hard on their hands. They didn't come out right and just did not have the curved lines in the right place. Based on this try, I would say this project is for older kids age 6th grade and up. 

Kenna had a couple of issues, but you can see the 3D effect in her picture. Good job Kenna!!


The three prints that were semi successful.  We are going to work on the boys and Maddies prints. They look pretty cool in person. The kids loved trying to make them and it was fun. I think the three younger kids just need to be a little older to pull it off. 


  1. Jamie. Would be really fun to do with an older scout trip. They really are cool to do. They just start to pop at you.