Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 237... A day with Grandma

My kids were very lucky today. They got to spend the day with Grandma alone!! No parents at the house. Normally my mom takes them one on one.. NOT 4 at a time!! Thanks mom!!

They played games!!

Took over all the t.v.s in her home. 

Did lots of Vegging out!!
Had an awesome time!

Did I mention they ate her out of house and home?? Oh my!! No wonder she only takes them one at a time. When they told me all the food they each ate I could not believe it. Eggs, toast, cocoa, pizza bites, noodles, mac and cheese, ice cream bars, pasta, brownie dessert, lemonade and more!! Crazy!! SPOILED at Grandmas for the day.. Yeah , I would say that counts as fun!!

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