Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 230.. Bass Pro Shops

Today we headed out to one of the kids favorite places to visit.

Carson was thrilled to get to sit on some of the ATV'S. 
Of course now he needs $3500.00 to get one. 

Kenna enjoying one of the boats!

Jack found his red dream boat!! When I asked him if he knew what the tall seat  behind him was for? He said "Yes it is for when you are on a top secret spy mission and then they ask you to take someone out." I suppose that is one answer! LOL

The kids were psyched that they had a penny machine. They all chose one for their collection.
Hanging with the kids by the warm fireplace. 

Jack making the craft of the day a sailboat. 

What can I say the kids had a great time at Bass Pro Shop. I see why they love to go. There are so many cool things to look at.  I love that it gets the kids thinking and dreaming about the future.

Someday when we can get a boat. Someday when we can come and buy unlimited camping equipment.  Someday when we can come buy an ATV, and someday when we can take a vacation.  Dreaming about someday sure can be lots of fun!

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