Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 328... Super Stick and Summer Fun/Boredom Jars!!

Every year we make a Summer fun list.. I got this idea years ago when my kids were little. For a long time we wrote our ideas on index cards. We would draw pictures on the front and then put the idea on the back. Then each week we would pick four or five pieces of mail. The things we picked we did for fun. Last year we wrote up a block list on construction paper. We then checked them off as we did them. 

This year after doing 365 days of fun my kids are thinking that they don't want to do anything in the summer. The problem with that is they will want to vegetate, stay on computers, and watch t.v. While that sounds good for a day or two we can't do that all summer. I will go NUTS and their brains will most likely turn to mush. 

Tonight we brainstormed a few fun ideas of things that we don't want to miss doing in the summer. Tubing down the Chattahoochee, Van Pugh Beach, Water War, Camping in the back yard, Summer movies, and concerts. Really just the normal things we do every year.  We put those ideas in a parfait cup marked Summer Fun.!! We will pick 2 or 3 ideas each week, and do them. 

Next we made an I'm Bored Jar. This one is new for us and I think will be fun. We came up with about 100 ideas of simple, quick and easy things to do to help keep us off of the computers and away from the t.v./video games.  Some they will love and some I am sure they will hate. 
Maddie is my #1 kid at being bored.. She always wants something new to do. I have a feeling she will be pulling lots of sticks. 
The boys on the couch trying to brainstorm boredom busters!!
Jacks reaction when he heard me say that I was putting QT for slushies in the boredom jar. You would think he won the lottery. 
Jack came up with the idea of the SUPER STICK. Each child may pull this stick once and have an ultimate choice as to what to do because they are bored. Any combo can be used as long as the idea is in the jar. 
Our 2012 Family Summer Idea Jars
Our ideas for boredom. Bring on the Summer!!

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