Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 321... Earth Day Fun!!

Our first stop: The beach. We had lots of fun playing! We also picked up garbage that we saw and placed it trash cans. Trash belongs in cans, not on roadways, sidewalks, or beaches. Especially mamas favorite beach!!
Next: We went home and ate lunch. Let's face it after playing for 2 hours and helping the Earth we needed food!! Next step was painting. Ms. Tiffany brought really cute pots for all of us to paint and later plant in. 
Baking was next. Tiffany saw a cute flower cookie pop idea on the front of Family Fun. Everyone got to make two!!
I had seen an idea on Pinterest for Earth Cupcakes.. with a wannabe Buddy Valastro in the house we had to try them. 
Next we planted carrots in 2 liter bottles. Please grow!! 
Getting our dirt just right for planting.... we hope!!
Our pots were dry so we planted the beautiful flowers Ms. Tiffany brought. 
We then watered them!!
Last we were so very proud of them!! Can he be any cuter??
We also had fun playing with the squirter!!
Last craft.. Bird feeders!!
Finally it was time for dinner and the anxiously anticipated dessert. 
Carson ready to eat his Earth day cupcake!!
Happy Earth Day 2012. 
Thankful for friends to spend the day with!! 

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