Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 319...Brainteasers

I was really excited this week to find this set of Brain teasers at the Goodwill. I paid $2 for all of these. They were all in one tin still wrapped in the plastic. Score!! I love getting new games but will only buy them when I can get a deal or steal!! 
Ready to play!!
Daddy and Maddie teamed up first on a turtle and the hare race game!!
The boys chose to do a racing game first.
Kenna and I played challenger!!
Jack (the red peg) thrilled with his race car victory over me!! 

These are a lot of fun.. Such a steal at $2. I would pay that much for the Triangle Conqueror game that you typically find on the tables at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. The tin appears to have come from Target if you are interested in trying to find something similar. My tip is to keep your eyes open at thrift stores, garage sales, and yard sales. That is where I find most of our games!!

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