Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 326... Big Trees Forest Preserve

I have wanted to go to this Big Trees Forest Preserve for a couple of months. When I realized it was Arbor Day it seemed the perfect day to make it happen. Sadly Makenna hurt her foot and was not able to join us. 
Just inside the entry. Absolutely beautiful!!
Just the two of us!! 
So pretty!!
Ms. Maddie in the creek!! 
Such a peaceful and beautiful place!!
Loved the wood on this tree!!
This was a great outdoor adventure!!
When we got home we did some Arbor Day word Jumbles and Hidden searches. 
Jack trying desperately to win.. He is so competitive. 

If you have not been to this hidden gem in Sandy Springs we would highly recommend it. We can't wait to go back with the whole family. The next time we will plan to stay longer, take a picnic to tailgate, and make sure to have plenty of drinks.  Admission is free!! We will definitely go back!! 


  1. Hello. My name is Kathy I blog at Kathys Cluttered Mind. I am also helping Expedition Mom as a contributor. We also love this place great post.

  2. Have you been to Roswell Mill. We are going on the 18th of May at 10:30 with some others from our homeschool group you should join us.

  3. Thanks Kathy for the note and posting. I can't believe we haven't been here before. Great place we will go back. I will let you know if we can make it to Roswell Mill on the 18th.. If we can get the school work caught up some we would love to meet you and make some new friends. :)