Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 316... Skyzone!!

For Valentines Day we bought the kids Sky Zone tickets. It was a Sweet Jack special for one hour of jumping. We have heard mixed reviews on the place since buying the tickets and contemplated whether we should go or not. Lots of injuries etc. We went ahead and decided to go. 
The kids all loved this area. They could run, jump, do tricks and even trampoline off the walls. They all got a pretty serious workout. 
Jack was dripping!! Thank goodness we had his hair cut or he would have been a mess!!
Carson loved the foam pit. Here he is doing a front flip in. 
Maddie loved playing basketball. She was able to get it in the hoop several times!!
The kids all loved it and gave it two thumbs up. 

John and I enjoyed watching the kids have fun , but honestly it was hard to relax. We were on edge about the kids getting hurt. The signs/rules say to do things at your own level. However, when my kids see someone doing a cool trick, they think they can do it too. Towards the end they started getting tired, and reckless. Jack tried  a front flip out of the foam area and did not land good at all. Thankfully he was fine, but it was scary enough that we pulled them all from the courts 10 minutes early and went home.  A trip to the hospital is not how I wanted to end our evening. 

Will we go back?? Neither John or I will be in any rush. The Greeneteam would have a different answer I am sure.  There are lots of options for fun and exercise. I think at this point we will choose some of the safer options. 

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