Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 324... CLUE

Tonight we played our first ever family game of clue. I used to love this game as a kid!!
 My kids were excited to pick out their characters. They were kind enough to give me the old maid character of Ms. White,  Jackson was Professor Plum, Maddie Ms. Peacock, Kenna Ms. Scarlette and of course Carson was Mr. Green!

They liked pretending to be inspectors, and making the accusations!! 
Ms. Scarlette Making her move!!
Carson showing Maddie a clue!!
Jack was certain he had figured it out. Mr. Green, in the lounge, with the revolver!!
Sadly he was off by just a little bit.  
It was Mr. Green, in the the ballroom, with the revolver. 
Maybe next time buddy!! 

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