Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 322... Legoland

Today the kids had a field trip to the new Legoland at Phipps Plaza!!
Daddy and the team ready for the adventure. We booked this field trip for Jack. He is a huge fan of Lego's and we thought he would love it. 
Jackson was ahead of everyone else. He was running towards Legoland. Love my boy!!
Apparently Legos come from these tiny little plastic beads!! The kids and daddy thought the process of making a Lego was neat. At the end they each got a Legoland Lego to take home. 
They loved seeing Atlanta in Lego's. The King and Queen. 
The Stadium!!
Maddie loved the stage at Callaway Gardens. Singing of course!!
Jack and Kenna building a car. You could then race it down the track. 
One of the two rides at Legoland. 
They all agreed Merlins Apprentice was their favorite of the two rides!! They really liked the other ride Magic Quest too but because the line was so long they only went on it once. 
Welcome to the 4D Legoland Movie Experience. 
Kenna and Jack at the 4D movie. It lasted about 15 minutes and was about a Lego team working together to get a mysterious package. They gave it 4 out of 5 stars. 

Everyone really enjoyed Legoland. John said he thought it was worth the group ticket pricing. Check it out before paying retail. I have been told you only need 10 kids to make a group. The kids loved the rides, seeing Atlanta made of Lego'and really liked the 4 D movie. My kids were probably at the top of the age range for this adventure. We would recommend it for ages 3-12!! 

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