Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 318... All you can eat Ice Cream for dinner!!

My friend Holly has an annual tradition. On the first day of summer she hosts an all you can eat ice cream for dinner party!! I loved the idea and thought we would try it sometime during the 365. Today seemed like the perfect day for it. 
Our morning started with Maddie having oral surgery. Here she is just home. She was hurting, and so very sad. Jack and I tried to cheer her up with a special spot, and all of her friends but no such luck.
Around 2:00 she started feeling a little better and wanted some Jello!!
The mail came and it cheered her up too. Thanks Uncle Gary and Aunt Liz for the Birthday card.
Carson's reaction when I told him the fun of the day!! 
Kenna making her 1st bowl of ice cream. She surprisingly used self control and only ate 2 bowls. If you know how much she loves sweets you would be proud!! She must be growing up!!
Jack was quite certain when we started that we would eat all of the ice cream. Not even close. There is plenty for tomorrow and probably the next day!!
Daddy who is a huge ice cream fan enjoyed his first and second bowls. The third made him sick!!
Up from the couch for her 4th small bowl of ice cream. I would say she is on the road to recovery!!
Thanks so much to everyone for praying for our girl today. 


  1. Not exactly the greatest way to wrap up your birthday week...but, a bottomless bowl of ice cream has to be worth something!! :-) Tell her we hope she feels better and Kat sends her some Get Well Hugs!!!

  2. Thanks Liz and Kat!! She is recouping nicely. She loved the birthday card. It couldn't have come on a better day!! I agree that it stinks it was this week, but we have been trying to get it scheduled forever. Consult, x-ray, special 3D x-ray, Ortho consult, referral to surgeon, consult with surgeon.. Finally appt. Glad it is done. Can't wait to see the permanent tooth come through!!