Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 327... Chick Fil A DATE KNIGHT

Chick Fil A hosted their first mother son  DATE KNIGHT today. We had a 7:30 reservation. 
My two handsome dates for the night!!
I had to torture them a little with a photo shoot. Jack had no problem giving his mama a kiss. 
Carson needed a little push.. He did it even though it was embarrassing. Might be the only shot like this I ever get with my two boys!! Thanks Kenna for being our photographer!!

They thought the shields were pretty cool. 
Our branch also had balloons, special decorations on the tables, the windows covered to resemble a garden, gold on the table (Rolo's), and the workers were in costume. There was also a special sheet of questions to get your dinner conversation started. We thought it was awesome and appreciate the work that went into this fun event.  Great Job as always Chick Fil A!!
They harassed the Chick Fil A cow a little. 
At the end they gave them a kitchen tour and a goody bag with a sword. When I asked what the kitchen tour was like they said that "there were some really pretty girls working in the back. They told the boys to come back in 5 years for a job." LOL!!  Leave it to my boys to be scoping the ladies at Chick Fil A while on a date with their mama.. Boys will be boys I guess!!  
Special thanks to my girls for letting this day of fun be one for the boys. Makenna was Maddies official babysitter. They played games and had a special snack while we were on our date!! Hard to believe my Kenna is old enough to babysit.  Proud of you girls. 

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