Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 311... How does our Garden grow?? Step 1

GG is our blog sponsor tonight. She gave me some Easter money and told me to do something fun with the kids. I decided to use the money to help us transform our disaster of  a side yard. Both my mom and brother have wonderful gardens and I want one too. 
Here is our before.. UGG so embarrassing!!
After!!  Lots of hard work today. Good job Greeneteam!!. 
Once you started working together you did a fantastic job. 
We hope to have sunflowers along the fence line. We bought these cute welcome Sunflowers at the Dollar Tree. 
Jack was not thrilled with the night of fun and said it was our worse day of fun yet!! If you know him at all that is not a surprise. How can I have twins that are so completely opposite?? 
Makenna and Maddie worked really hard on the soil along the fence line. If excitement alone could grow our garden it would be beautiful. Love how my girls can see the possibilities. 
Carson did a great job and loved being outdoors. He came inside after we were done, and started googling pictures of beautiful gardens.  He dreams of one day having his own tractor. 
Stay tuned for part 2 in early May. Grandma is coming to help us plant. 
That is when the real fun will hopefully begin. 

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