Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 314... Baseball

Today I couldn't wait to take all the kids to see a local baseball game. A friend of ours was playing on a travelling team, so we headed out to cheer him on. 
Kenna and I at the game!!
I packed popcorn and peanuts for the kids to snack on and brought drinks!!
Maddie had fun with her friend, Abby doing anything but watching the game. Girls will be girls I guess!!
My guys watching the game. I sure do wish they were the ones out on the field. I loved when my brothers played Little League baseball. Such great memories!! Maybe one day!!
Our friend Nicholas got a great hit and ended up scoring a run for his team. They won 14-9!! Way to go guys. My friend told me that golfing great Jack Nicklaus's grandson plays on this team. Sadly, Jack was not at the game cheering today. Boy wouldn't he have been fun to see!! 
On the way out of the park, the kids decided to run the bases a time or two. Fun!! While running,  Jack found a baseball. He had wanted to catch one the whole game. 
Really happy we went today to see a community sport. I think it is a great way to teach the kids about the game without spending a bunch of money on tickets. Prior to today my crew knew very little about "Americas favorite pastime." Tonight they know a little more. A fun day seeing friends and watching baseball.

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