Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 325... Carvel / Dumpster Diving.

So far on the 365 we have been to DQ, Menchies, and Rita's. Today we tried Carvel. It was their Re-Grand opening of the Carvel stores and they gave away free ice cream. YUM!! Love sites like Atlanta on the Cheap that fill you in on these Freebie giveaways.  If you are not on the loop to these great local sites you should sign up. 
Here I am with one of my favorite boys!!
Bear and his Daddy!!
Gotta love a giant sprinkle machine!!
Maddie is always up for ice cream!!
When we pulled into our neighborhood they were doing a neighborhood clean up. Anything you wanted to get rid of they would take. We decided to take advantage. I will admit this was mostly fun for dad and I. 
John off to the dumpster with our donations for tonight. 
Proud of all my boys who pitched in and helped. 
One man's trash is another mans treasure. John spotted this wheelbarrow in the dumpster and decided we really needed it. The truth is we do!! Carson was psyched with the wheelbarrow. He is my yard man and will now have a wheelbarrow to use!! Love steals, deals and freebies!!

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