Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 310... Random Act of Kindness

Today on the way home I asked the kids what they wanted to do for fun. They through out an idea or two but most were similar to something we have already done. After 309 days it is getting a little hard to come up with something new. We kept throwing out ideas until we got to our exit. 

 When we stopped to get off, there stood a young man and his wife/girlfriend holding a cardboard sign. It said something about running out of money as they were travelling. I knew right then that it was time to do a  random act of kindness day of fun. (In three years of living here there has never been a person with a sign standing on my exit) I pulled the few dollars I had in my purse and gave them to him. He seemed so very grateful.  The rest of the way home we talked about other kind things we could do today. 
We stopped outside our neighborhood and picked some wild flowers.
When we got home we made notes to attach to the vases.
I have been saving jars. They were perfect for these wild flower bouquets. 
We also baked a batch of daddy's cookies to give out. 
The first stop we made was to the library. The girls thought giving the workers cookies would be nice. It turns out it is National Library week. When the librarians saw the girls bringing cookies to them the girls said their faces lit up. Kenna and Maddie couldn't wait to tell me the news. 

We stopped by Chick Fil A and gave them a bouquet of flowers. The kids thanked them for always being so nice.  The next set of cookies we took to our bank. We gave the last set of flowers to the customer service center at our favorite grocery store.   It was fun today to do something for others!! 

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