Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 317.... Freezer Fudge Pops

Ms. Maddie is having oral surgery tomorrow morning. She is going to be eating lots of soft and cold foods for the next few days. I thought we would try making our own freezer pops.
We used a fudge pop recipe I had seen in Family Fun's favorites last year.
We used a bread bag to pipe it into the cups. This worked great and there was very little mess.  Each of them got to pipe two and then put their tops on. 
Wouldn't be fun if they didn't sample it a little.
Now the hard part.. waiting!!

I am hoping that these come out better than our jello molds. The kids are already talking about what else they can freeze inside this cute little tray. I bought the tray last summer at Dollar Tree. I loved that it was my kids favorite colors and would give them each two pops!!  Keeping my fingers crossed that it works!! 

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