Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 320... IMAX: To the Arctic at the Fernbank Museum of History

Today we were on an assignment from Expedition Mom to give a review of Fernbank Museums new IMAX show To The Arctic. We have never been to an IMAX show before. 
The kids were AMAZED at the size of the screen. It is Atlanta's largest and stands five stories. 
The movie was so good. The kids loved it!! Scenery was gorgeous,  music amazing, and the Polar Bears just beautiful. When we finished we headed out to see the rest of the museum.
Downstairs they had lots of Polar Bear activities. Matching game, toss game, chalk rubbings and more!
Once finished we headed to see the rest. You know how much I love these funny face photos!! :)
Happy Almost Earth Day!!
The kids all loved the Naturequest room upstairs. Here Carson is with a few turtle friends. 
This was a great adventure for Earth Day weekend!!
At the end we went back to the gift shop area. Carson decided to take an advance on his birthday money to buy this beautiful book. Here he is with the award winning photographer who took all the pictures. 
Florian Schulz. If you know my boy Carson you know what a heart he has for animals. Polar Bears are apparently no exception. 

His book was signed: To Carson:
"Enjoy the stories about the Arctic Animals. They need friends like you. When I was your age I started to take my first photographs with a camera. Now it is my job. Everyone told me it was not possible to make a living but here I am. So never let anybody tell you that you cannot do something. Enjoy!!"

Thanks Fernbank for a great day!!

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