Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 305... Good Friday Cross Cake and Crosses!!

Today is Good Friday. We decided to stay home today and celebrate. We read from the Children's Bible about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem, The Last Supper, and Jesus's crucifixion. We talked after and answered questions that the kids had. We also did a little trivia to see if everyone remembered all the important details. It was a time for all of us to be so very thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made.
Maddie reading from the Children's Bible. Johns dad brought this to us on one of his visits. It was his families when John was growing up. 
We decided to do a Cross craft. I had seen an idea on Pinterest using chalk and a pattern. Some chose that and others as you can see went an entirely different way. 
Our crosses!!
We then decided to make a cross cake. 
The kids love The Cake Boss. They were excited to get started.
Carson got a piping set for Christmas. This is the first real cake he has used it on. He was so psyched to finally get to use his tools. 
Maddie working on putting the piping on. 
Carson putting on the final touches. 
Their Cross masterpiece

We used a chocolate box cake, and cream cheese frosting. We made a small cross pattern out of card stock. We gently placed it on the cake and used sprinkles around the edges. When we pulled the pattern off we had a small amount of icing and a tiny bit of cake come up. It was easy enough to fix with more icing. We colored some of the icing green to put around the edges. This was a very easy cake to make. The kids loved it, and I think were proud that they were doing something fun that was honoring to Jesus and the sacrifice he made so that we could be with him in Heaven. 
John 3:16

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