Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 55... Shop Class

Shop Class was in order for FUN today. We decided to use an idea we found on Pinterest to update our school desks. As soon as I saw the idea below I loved it. I thought it would give each of the kids their own space in the school room.

We used white shelves that we already owned and then for under $40 were able to buy the desk tops and legs for FOUR desks. The kids can hardly wait to paint the desks and then organize their own area. I will have to post a follow up picture.

The kids helped John shop, pound nails, measure and drill. Maddie looked at me at one point and said " Don't worry mama I have had lots of practice at the Home Depot Workshop. I KNOW what I am doing." Cute!!

Our version at under $10 each space. Functional and affordable. Can't wait to see how the kids personalize and paint their areas. FUN!!
Image via Mariah's Pintrest} LOVE THIS!! Love the colors, love everything about it!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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