Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 48... Catching Lightning Bugs

Tonight we caught Lightning Bugs as our Summer fun activity. I bought clear plastic salt and pepper shakers at the Dollar Tree to use. They worked perfectly to hold the little guys. They could breathe and we could see them light up. The only thing missing were a few more bugs. We only caught three so had a few disappointed people including me. Oh well we will just have to try to catch more this week.

As a side note I saw an article last month in S.Living Magazine of a place to go in the Carolina's for a migration of Lightning Bugs. That would be really neat to do some year. Going to try to find the information. If I do I will post more about it.

The team ready to catch bugs!
Ms. Maddie so excited!
Our Winner of the night with 2 catches Mr. Jack.
Love that you can see Makenna's lightning bug!!

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