Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 54..Painting Fun!!

Today we had fun painting the upstairs landing and hallways a fabulous Jamaican Sea Blue. I had seen the post below on Pinterest and thought how fun to wake up to such wonderful colors every morning. The kids love helping when we paint and love the way it turned out. They think it feels like we are living somewhere new!! FUN!!

Ready to get to work!!
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!!
This picture makes me smile. When Carson was little he would say "Just doing my job mom, Just doing my job" .. Today he was!!
Maddie's comment when she came upstairs to see it.. " Wow this looks Deliciously Beautiful!!"
Keep it up Mr. Jack!
LOVE These colors.! This was the inspiration for upstairs. Our color is very, very similar although I am not sure it shows it in my pictures. Photo via Marie Claire Maison.

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