Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 43.. Finger Print Art

Tonight we had NO IDEA what to do for fun. Neither of us were in a fun mood so coming up with something to do for six of us was a little difficult. We ended up deciding on Finger Print Painting. Thank you Pinterest!! Oh my goodness on the scale of fun we all had level ten fun!! It was great to just kick back and let everyone relax and paint. We had to finally make everyone STOP painting at 10:30.

In my opinion some were more artistic than others. Not sure we have any Claude Monet's in the house??? Time will tell I suppose. In the end the kids all agreed that we MUST have an ART AUCTION tomorrow night before VBS. All $$$$$ MONEY$$$ will go to the VBS missions fund. They are so excited about having a show. (Any guesses to whose idea it was??)

Below are our six best.. One from each person. Any guesses as to whose art?? Any Silent Bidders for the ART AUCTION? LOL.... Which is your favorite??


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