Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 36... Feeding Ducks

Tonight we headed to Sims Lake Park in Suwanee to feed ducks. It is really a nice park with lots of shade for walking and a beautiful lake with Ducks not Geese which was really nice. We have been doing this activity with them since they were babies and they still all love it. It was fun to find a new spot to go for this family favorite activity. We will definitely be going back.


  1. Really nice park Lesli. :) The playground looked like it was designed for smaller kids. We were hot after the ducks and a walk so headed home next time will check it out. Lots of fun to be had here!!

  2. New signs have been posted that no longer allow people to feed the ducks & geese at Sims Lake Park and therefore, there were only about 4 ducks and no geese when we went a couple weeks ago. Disappointing, especially for the kids. All the simple joys in life are being taken away.

    1. So sorry to hear that.. we have not been in awhile. Children love feeding ducks crazy the rules that are being put out. Thanks for reading my blog and for your note.